Logistics and Supply Chain Management Jobs

Did you know, 88% of supply chain professionals bear a very positive career outlook. The ever-expanding world of supply chain and logistics which surprisingly, remains  unthreatened by AI and robotics, has become a key generator of jobs in India, where the industry boasts a healthy growth of 10.5% CAGR, period 2021 – 2026.

Topping it with powerful governmental support for infrastructural improvements, adoption of technology and resultant expansion of the domain, logistics and supply chain management jobs in the nation has become a stable and lucrative career opportunity for freshers and experienced professionals alike.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Jobs – Trending Opportunities In 2023

From planning and procurement to warehousing and last mile delivery, the sheer vastness of the industry has led to the creation of innumerable roles of high relevance and importance. Some of the top trending logistics and supply chain management jobs that are currently inviting applications from suitable candidates to fill no less than a few thousand vacancies, include…

  • Supply chain managers
  • Freight managers
  • Distribution managers
  •  Logistics and forecast analysts
  • Production planner
  •  Sourcing specialist
  • Project manager
  •  Transport manager
  • Process improvement managers
  • Warehouse / inventory manager and many more

These jobs can be very high paying for professionals that either have several years of experience in the field or, those that have graduated from management institutions or, are certified by relevant supply chain certification courses.

Stability and Career Growth are Absolute Certainties 

Logistics and supply chain management jobs in India are stable and display a fantastic growth trajectory. As market experts predict, professionals are very likely to have rewarding experiences while fulfilling their roles in the industry in the short and long run.