From Good to Great – The Significance of Personality Development In Workplace

In the symphony of professional life, your personality is the unique melody that makes you stand out in the crowd. Personality development is the force that shapes your interactions, influences your decisions, and ultimately determines your success in the workplace.

Technical skills, certifications, resumes and coached interviews were once, the propellers of a successful career start. However, with literally every professional these days, carrying degrees, certification, flashy resumes and of course the gift of gab, employers are seen to seek that singular differentiating factor that would land them with the best fit candidate for the best fit role. Thanks to accurate personality assessment test, tapping into the inner wiring of an applicant is now a trend that is here to last.

Your personality is your secret weapon, and nurturing it can be the catalyst for aiding personal target achievement and organizational triumph. Not only does it assist professionals with self-discovery, it promotes wholistic growth through adaptation and empowerment as well. In this blog, let’s explore the significance of personality development in workplace and how it impacts professionals / employees in the short and long run.

Personality Development: The Key to Unrestricted Professional Growth

Personality development is a continuous process. It helps tremendously in enhancing one’s otherwise inherent positive traits, behaviors and attitudes to escalate efficiency and adaptability in their immediate professional environment.

Here are a few core highlights of professional personality aspects that can be improved with personality development initiatives –

Interpersonal Skills – Effective communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution are essential workplace skills. A well-developed personality fosters better relationships with colleagues, superiors, and clients.

 Adaptability – A flexible personality can easily adapt to changes, helping employees and organizations stay competitive in the ever-changing corporate ecosystem.

 Leadership Potential – A strong, helpful and problem-solving professional can lead and inspire others, take critical decisions and handle difficult projects, making it a crucial trait for leadership positions.

 Stress Management – Personality development equips individuals with coping mechanisms to handle workplace stress, ensuring timely and error-free project completions without compromising mental well-being. Personality assessment tests, by far, are the best measures to assess and provide valuable insights into an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Here’s a closer look at their significance –

 Self-awareness – Personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Holistic Assessment Tests and the Big Five Personality Traits help individuals understand their natural inclinations and preferences while aligning the same with company goals and growth.

 Team Building – In a team-oriented workplace, understanding team members’ personalities through assessments can enhance collaboration and motivation while restricting internal conflicts. Knowing each member’s strengths and communication style can lead to more productive teams.

 Hiring and Placement – For employers, personality assessment test aids in selecting best fit candidates that align with the organization’s values and job requirements perfectly. This reduces expensive turnovers drastically.

 Performance Improvement – By identifying areas of improvement through ability assessments, employees can work on developing role-specific skills, that directly leads to focused efficiency improvement thereby magnifying job performance dramatically.

Impact of Personality Development on Workplace Performance

There is a reason why top companies like Deloitte, Google, IBM, Zappos, GoDaddy, Chipotle and many more, prioritize employee growth and development on war- footing. Personality development influences workplace performance that directly benefits the company in the long and short run. Employees that improved their weaker points after having them identified through personality and ability assessment tests reported showing improvements in the following aspects –

 Improved Productivity
 Better Conflict Resolution
 Timely completion of projects
 Motivated and goal driven approach to work
 Easier communications
 Clean and conflict-free team work
 Maximized efficiency to handle more tasks in less time
 Improved leadership traits
 Disinclination towards frequent job-hopping

Overall, the integral significance of personality development in workplace is to create healthy, happy, productive, efficient, goal-driven team that is motivated not just to fulfil company goals but their individual professional aspirations as well.

Did you know, according to a study by Gallup, employees who exhibit positive personality traits are 21% more productive.

Here’s How To Start Your Personality Development Journey –

Personality and ability assessment test – Don’t wait for someone to suggest. Do it right away at your own initiative. There are several proactive job platforms that offer comprehensive personality and skill assessment tests like HAT (Holistic Assessment Test) etc. that take no more than 10 minutes to complete but offer wholesome evaluation of professional personality, core strengths, areas of improvement, core skills, problem solving capability and much more.

 Request Mentorship and Coaching – Top companies encourage mentorship and coaching that brings out the best of professional personality of employees.

How to start – The best way to start your mentorship is by consulting your manager / supervisor and conveying your goals and aspirations to them. They may either mentor you themselves or find a fellow leader who can coach you.

 Enhance Soft Skills – Soft skill upskilling is the ultimate catalyst to professional personality development. Personality and ability assessment tests can accurately tell which soft skill for professional growth you need to focus upon. Developing and mastering skills like Communication, EQ, time management, problem solving, adaptability, social skills, team work, ethics, empathy, flexibility, positive mindset, self-motivation and leadership can pave the way for unhindered ascendence in hierarchy.

How to start – Most companies organize frequent seminars and boot camps for soft skill upskilling. If that is not accessible under any case, it is best to seek external training and certification courses on the same. Personality development in workplace is a powerhouse approach to overall corporate /business / individual goal. The sooner you start your journey, the higher you will rank in hierarchy.