4 Reasons you should invest on Personality Development

Personality assessment

“Personality Development”, we have heard of it or talked about it many times. Different people have different ways of looking at the concept of personality development. Maybe, some of you think, “Why do I need personality development? I’m here, that must mean I’m already good!”. Some of you may also think, “I wish I was better at public speaking but my personality’s so different!”.

Our personality sets us apart from others and helps us create the right perception about us based on our behaviour, thoughts, and emotions. Therefore, whether we know it or not, our personality plays a big part in our personal and professional growth. If we have a clear understanding of our strengths and our weaknesses, we would be able to work on ourselves and build ourselves. We will be able to learn how to present our strengths as our strong suit and when it comes to the area of improvement, we will know what habits or behaviour traits we need to work on.

To further emphasize the need for investing in one’s personality, I would like to talk about the four key reasons you should invest in your personality. 

1. To create a unique identity for yourself 

As we grow older, we develop styles or mannerisms that are unique to us. Such things form a part of our personality and make us different from other people. As we focus on developing ourselves, we garner skills and mannerisms that are not just socially acceptable but also appreciated. 

If our personality is pleasant and produces a positive image in someone’s mind, not only does it become easier for us to adjust in different environments, but it also helps in building trust and earning the respect of others.

And yes, personality also includes your outward appearance. One is more likely to create a positive impression during a social or face-to-face interaction if they focus on their appearances including correct posture, facial expressions, and selecting the right clothing and colours for the occasion. Investing in your appearances enables you to leave the positive cues about your personality.

2. To develop better relationships 

A person with a great personality is likely to develop better relationships than someone who possesses tough and negative characteristics. Behavioural traits like easy-going, positivity, respectfulness, honesty etc. are often recognised by people as positive traits and act as a first touchpoint to build a relationship. Developing such traits helps us in maintaining a better outlook towards people and in turn, creating healthier & long-term relationships.  

3. To reduce the stress

Today’s world is changing at a faster pace. There is a consistent pressure to raise the performance bar that may result in stress or burnout. By investing in your personality, you develop habits which encourage a positive and stress-free view towards life and work.

Personality development focuses on dealing with the problems in a very level-headed manner. As we pay attention to ourselves, we find ourselves focusing on things that provide us with contentment and fulfilment in life. This helps us in attaining our goals efficiently and managing stress when things do not go our way.

4. To succeed in our career

Our professional growth is not only based on our skills, but our personality traits also greatly contribute to making us successful. Behaviour traits or good work ethics like honesty, simplicity, valuing our own and others’ time, handling conflicts in the workplace, and providing constructive feedback are all closely reviewed when we’re being considered for a leadership role in an organisation.

Moreover, we may also feel like misfits sometimes because of the fundamentally different environment or culture of an organisation. If we can find a natural alignment between an organisation and our individual value system, it will help us in developing a long-term growth opportunity both for ourselves and for the organisation. 

These reasons might seem inconsequential if considered individually, however, when all of them are clubbed together, their impact is much higher on both our personal or professional life. By developing our personality, we improve our approach to connect with others, build our confidence to reflect our true persona and potential. For this, we need to train ourselves by gaining insight into our strengths and areas of improvement, which will help us in shaping our future and stand us apart from the crowd. You can unleash your true self and tap into your potential by exploring more about your personality.

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