Holistic Assessment (HAT) – Everything You Need To Know

Did you know, a staggering 81% employers admit that unintentional biases affect their hiring decisions. However, 42% (approx.) companies take absolutely no steps in remedying this critical HR issue while the rest have been seen dabbling with several loose-end pre hiring evaluation methods that have achieved minimally in solving the problem at hand. The evolution of Holistic Assessment Test in the recent years though, has added precision, accuracy and high dependability in the hiring process making it a staple with top hirers. 

By definition, Holistic Assessment refers to evaluating potential employees as a whole to determine their suitability not only to the position they are intended to occupy in the company but other crucial aspects as well, like, 

  • upholding company values, 
  • positive team mentality, 
  • willingness to absorb new information and relevant knowledge 
  • ability and agility to do more in the professional circle, 
  • eagerness to handle more projects etc.

In a nut-shell, Holistic Assessment illuminates the inner wiring of a potential employee to accurately determine the impact their presence would create on the firm they work with and justify their CTA, in the short and long run.  

What Does Holistic Assessment Assess In A Candidate –

In a macroscopic perspective, Holistic Assessment delves into 5 core attributes that are dedicated to determining suitability of a candidate with the hiring company. These attributes are –

  • knowledge / skills – 
  • dependability
  • teamwork / collaboration
  • problem solving 
  • flexibility

Testing each of these attributes offers a clear and accurate insight into how well a candidate can handle their job responsibilities and what the candidates are actually capable of accomplishing, way before they commence their first day at work. 

It further helps recruiters understand the nature and behavioral traits of the employees, how they are likely to react under certain situations, how much pressure they can shoulder and of course, their mettle in out-of-the-box problem-solving, speed and efficiency in project-handling and indications of leadership qualities that can streamline and time-optimize task completions effectively.

What Do Holistic Assessment Tests Look Like –

Holistic Assessment tests are usually a set of questions with multiple choice answers. These candidate-centric questions may be specific or detailed and are based on the roles the applicants are applying for. 

No training or coaching is required for cracking holistic assessment tests. In fact, it is best when taken without any preparation whatsoever, as it would give an undiluted evaluation of the candidates as and how they are at this very moment. 

The tests often take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The questions are comprehensive and easy to attempt. Personality assessment, cognitive and problem-solving evaluations are usually non-technical in nature. Skill testing on the other hand may contain technical questions depending upon the job position relevant to the applicant. 

More often than not, taking these tests have resulted in a happy experience in favor of maximum number of job-seekers. 

Benefits of Holistic Assessment in Recruitment Process

Did you know, 38% of hirers believe resumes are not effective.

Bad hires are a drain on company’s time, resources and overall productivity. In fact, on an average, they can cost a company $15,000! This does not necessarily mean that the recruited candidates are sans skills / talent or, are deficient in positive productive attributes; it only means that they are not the best fit for the position they have been inducted into.

The first and the most impactful advantage of Holistic Assessment is successful elimination of any possibility of bad hires. The nature of the tests is such that only the best fit candidate qualifies to interview for the position in offer. 

Here is a concise list of other benefits that are inseparably associated with this evaluation method…

  • Optimizing hiring cycle by reducing initial applicant screening time and speeding up the process of shortlisting the right candidates.
  • Reducing cost of hiring by automating a part of recruitment process, making lesser investments in training and pacing up the drive to productivity from the very onset.
  • Freedom from Halo Effect, given that the candidates are screened on the basis of how they have scored on the unbiased Holistic Assessment tests rather than personal branding efforts carried out through social media presence, resumes etc. 
  • Quick onboarding of candidates, given that the assessment process has resulted in the recruitment of the best fit candidate attributed with necessary skill levels to address the job responsibility head-on at the earliest.
  • Accurate assessment of skills, which makes delegation and KPI tracking easy and effective.

Did you know, 56.9% of interviewed hirers have expressed that resumes fail to indicate skill level accurately.

  • Better brand building, that helps in attracting the right candidates that are willing to put in their best efforts in favor of the company.

Did you know, 82% job seekers consider the employer’s brand before applying for a position in their firm. 

Holistic Assessment – Unprecedented Transparency In Hiring Guaranteed!

Hiring the best fit candidates for the best fit positions through a streamlined, time optimized and cost-effective method are the key attributes that make Holistic Assessment an urgent necessity in the world of HR and recruitment. 

In fact, there are several trusted recruitment platforms that house a talent pool of pre-assessed candidates for hirers to choose from, which contributes further towards shortening the recruitment time. 

Proactive candidates can take Holistic Assessment tests beforehand in order to discover their core skills, identify their shortcomings, understand necessary actions required to bridge the gap and increase their employability rate manifold.