7 Reasons Why Logistics and Supply Chain Management Jobs are Here to Last!

Supply chain and management jobs are expected to witness a 30% growth during the 2020-2030 phase. More opportunities, roles and lucrative compensation packages can be expected in the forthcoming years making it a future-proof sector to launch bullet-proof careers.  

As per EY projections, India is expected to become a $26trillion economy by its 100th year of Independence with logistics and supply chain industry named as a pivotal force behind this exponential growth. The expanding nature of the supply chain ecosystem has thus, quite inevitably created thousands of logistics and supply chain management jobs that are ready to accommodate freshers and experienced professional alike.  

The sudden opening of lucrative posts in the Supply chain management (SCM) domain, with more vacancies added month after month however, has left many prospective job seekers wondering if this is just a temporary bubble of opportunities, or the jobs are here to last. 

To put all doubts to rest, here are 7 key reasons why a getting logistics and supply chain management jobs is the most future-friendly decision you could possibly make.

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Industry is Booming – The Indian Logistics and Supply Chain Industry is estimated at $435.43billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $650.52billion by 2028. Given the significant contribution the sector has in the nation’s GDP, the government has further, introduced several plans and programs to support rapid growth and advancement in the domain. Booming industries are the cradles for job creation. Therefore, logistics and supply chain management jobs will not only be available but stay relevant way into the distant future. 
  • Automation is Not a Threat – Supply chain and logistics is a unique sector where automation does not pose any major threat to jobs. In fact, it only helps professionals handle more tasks more efficiently and without bottlenecks and errors. They speed up, scale up and streamline the processes than directly encroach upon jobs. 
  • It’s the ‘Best Business Job’ – The job of a logistician has been ranked at number 16th in the 2023 Best Business Jobs by US News and World Report. These rankings are based on certain key factors like median salaries, work-life balance, prospects for growth and stress levels etc. all of which contribute towards the relevance of a certain job just the way it is. 
  • Competitive Compensation – Logistics and SCM is one such industry where you can start early with a good pay package. For example, a supply chain planner with 0-5 years of experience can earn a Rs.4,60,000/-pa package and a supply chain analyst with 0-5 years of experience can earn a Rs.12,00,000/-pa package. Top that with a Masters’ degree in education, the package can increase up to or more than Rs.5,70,000/- and Rs.19,20,000/- respectively. 
  • Stable and Secure – Logistics industry in India accounts for 14.4% GDP making it one of the strongest pillars of the Indian economy. Topped with the fact that it is growing with a 10%-12% CAGR, it is expected to be the cradle for stable and secure employment with upward growth trajectory. 
  • 100% Fresher Friendly – Logistics and supply chain management jobs have come as a boon to a nation with millions of young graduates that are desperately seeking employment. In Logistics and SCM, you can learn on the go and get your skills certified over time through in house training and certification courses. It is a win-win situation at all levels. 
  • Transferable Skills – The skills that you learn in the Logistics and SCM sector can be applied universally to all other industries. Therefore, if after a while, you wish to switch to a different industry, everything you’ve learnt in logistics will stay relevant and will count as active experience. 

Ready For The Big Career Launch?

More than 50,000 logistics and supply chain management jobs are added to the list of available openings year after year in India. These jobs not only pay well, they offer ample security and growth avenues as well. Taking the active measures and policies introduced by the Government of India into account, like the National Logistics Policy that encompasses crucial initiatives. You can be rest assured that logistics and SCM jobs will hold their relevance for decades to come.