Quick Guide to Land into High Paying Logistics Jobs in India

If you were that kid that spent hours behind toy trucks, trains, ships and planes; planned routes through your backyard for your fleet to carry gravel, grains and have it transported along a 50meter domestic radius with 100% safety and right before snack time… don’t be surprised at your natural inclination towards finding a job in logistics and supply chain domain. 

With a booming supply chain landscape that is expected to touch $563billion by 2030 at 9.4% CAGR, landing logistics jobs in India with promising pay packages, perks and avenues for growth, is an easy possibility. 

The question is, how to find the best logistics Jobs in India that not only suit your compensation expectations but gives you ample opportunities to grow and rise in the hierarchy. 

At the moment, India employs more than 22 million people in the supply chain industry with thousands of new applicants vying for lucrative positions that open up year after year in the sector. The question is not about job availability any more. It is about being the first choice of employers over hundreds of other applications. 

Ready to be the first to get hired? Here’s how you can do it…

A Quick Guide to Logistics Jobs in India

Whether you are an absolute fresher or an experienced professional battling a career plateau, if you’re ready for rewarding logistics jobs in India, here’s a quick guide to get all prepped and started…

  • Get certified – Did you know, supply chain professionals with one certification earns about 19% more than uncertified professionals. GCSCMP, CSCP, CSCMP Sc Pro and CSSBB are some of the many available certifications that can get you the career kickstart you deserve.
  • General Vs Specialized skills – Some of the most compelling specialized skills that can be a key differentiator between you and the rest of the candidates while applying for logistics jobs in India are… 
  • Project Management, 
  • IT and Automation, 
  • Enterprise Software Applications 
  • Cost-to-Serve Expertise
  • Soft Skills like Communication, Collaboration and Change
  • Negotiation, Leadership Skills and More

There are several courses and refresher courses that can get you certified and updated on these essential skills. 

  • Stay updated with Industry Trends – Blockchain, AI, Sustainability, IoT (internet of things); the list of innovative supply chain trends that are gaining a steady foothold in the Indian supply chain ecosystem is long and impactful. 

Learning about these upcoming industry trends will inevitably keep you in the priority list of high paying employers given that they will not have to spend time, effort and money in training or updating you.

  • Gain Some Practical Experience (For Freshers) – Practical first-hand experience like internships, co-op programs etc. can get you higher paying positions in logistics in comparison with those that have directly joined at entry level positions. 

Internships in India are often unpaid endeavors but given that they are educational and more specialized in nature than entry level jobs, you are more likely to start your career with higher-than-industry-level pay packages.

  • Highlight Your Achievements (For Experienced Professionals) – Your success rate determines your employability in top logistics jobs in India. Be it successful project management, awards and recognitions for cost-control / improving operational efficiency or anything for that matter; never shy away from putting them out where employers can see. 
  • Register with specialized Logistics job platforms – Logistics job platforms can connect you with the best fit employer and, simultaneously save a place for you in the talent pool which maximizes your chances of getting hired at desired position with desired compensation package. These platforms also offer professional personality tests, skill tests and more that can optimize your quest for the right positions with the right companies. 

Congratulations For Your New Job!

If you are a mission driven, passionate, adaptable and empathetic outdoor individual with undying love for monster trucks, logistics jobs in India will not disappoint you. All you have to do is get certified, skill up, gain experience and create an attractive whole-truth CV that employers can never say ‘no’ to.